about us

C’Est La Vie Suites is the new quality hospitality.

C'Est la Vie Suites is an Art Nouveau-styled guesthouse in the heart of the Prati district, one of the most elegant and picturesque in all of Rome.

Our location in a complete eclectic style will help make your stay unforgettable. 

You’ll be in one of Rome’s chicest neighbourhoods a stone’s throw from the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica, surrounded by the city’s historic buildings. You’ll be able to walk to the Mercato Trionfale to immerse yourself in Roman gastronomic culture; Admire the grandeur of Castel Sant’Angelo; Walk through the streets of the neighbourhood, discover the historic shops, delight your palate in the numerous restaurants serving typical cuisine; Experience the colours, scents and lights of the eternal city.

Our style makes the difference just as Rome is the cradle of all cultures. There is no philosophical current that has not passed through there and just like the eclectic style, Rome is a mix of styles, the most disparate among them, put together with a creativity that creates a balanced and creative atmosphere at the same time.

The love of the different and the unusual prevails.

Each suite has a different theme and name, with bold colours, strong yet homogeneous contrasts to avoid a confusing effect, and geometric and floral patterns that make the atmosphere stylish and bizarre.